Monthly Website Maintenance

1 Hour Of Design Service + WordPress Support + Software Updates + Regular Website Backups

Your website is like your car, if you don’t get a regular oil change your car will still work but gradually its performance will suffer. Your car will inevitably break down completely over time and the cost to repair it will be downright scary. Consider our maintenance plan the oil that keeps your website’s engine humming along, and the insurance policy should anything go wrong.

Our worry-free monthly maintenance package includes the following:

  • website hosting
  • WordPress, WordPress themes and all related plugins updated regularly
  • website security
  • regular website back-ups
  • in the unfortunate event of a site hack we’ll get your site back up and running, quickly and free of charge
  • monthly one hour of technical and/or design support such as:
    • WordPress training and support
    • content edits and uploads
    • graphic design assistance (creation of new promotional banners and engaging homepage slides)

We ARE your in-house web design & development team! Our monthly maintenance package also offers our clients the opportunity to retain our services at a reduced rate of $50 an hour (a savings of $25 an hour – wow!).